Helper - Refugee - Human


Many refugees have lost their entire material possessions and they have lost or have had to leave their families and friends. When your life would present itself with such a destiny, what would "that special something" be, which stays, which you could never lose despite the circumstances?


A thirty-year-old European, who has never experienced war and who’s human rights 

were never violated.

He lives the freedom that many people in the world can’t even imagine. He can be an 

active member of society and express his opinion freely.


He is one of the 273 volunteers in the Helferkreis Asylnetzwerk -Tettnang.


Hundreds of thousands of so called refugees escape from civil wars and military rulership in their home countries.

330,000 deaths

1 million injured 

and more than

11.6 million

people escaping their country

That is the result of 5 years of civil war in Syria.

( 2016)

In Tettnang's emergency shelter, 200 refugees are waiting to be granted asylum.

The documentary was shot in the town of Tettnang, Germany in February 2016. We express our most sincere gratitude to all who have contributed to this project in any way. We would love to hear any feedback or suggestions you may have. Please feel free to do so in the Guestbook.


The date of the release of the documentary will be announced here on this website.